Pictures of some of the best digital surreal artists around the world. Surrealist works feature the elements of surprise, fantasy and amazing art work.

Suliman AL-Mawash

Suliman AL-Mawash Surreal Picture

Camel Sea By Suliman AL-Mawash

Suliman AL-Mawash Photo Manupulation

Suliman AL Mawash Surreal Old Man

Elephant By Suliman AL Mawash

Graphic designer from Kuwait, Suliman AL-Mawash is one best surreal artist in the world. He uses Photoshop for his designs. He won many awards for his exceptional talent including — gold medal in the Cairo Film Festival atheist ten of Radio and Television and Gold medal in the Gulf Film Festival in Bahrain.

Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov Digital Art

Surreal Picture By Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov Picture

Born in Bratsk, Russia Anton Semenov started graphics designing in 2007. He says he started drawing at a very early age. He has studied design for 4 years. Uses Photoshop CS for his surreal artwork that brings his imaginations into digital form. He tells that "the world around us is full of inspirational things, too bad we sometimes fail to see that". He usually creates disturbing surreal art pictures in his very unique style. His creations are more like your bad dream came to picture.

Sarolta Ban

Sarolta Ban Artwork

Sarolta Ban Surreal Picture

Sea Artwork Picture

Saolta Ban Photoshop Picture

Belongs to Hungary, Saolta Ban makes her artwork and pictures talk. The surreal art she creates uses very simple technique's but her imagination and emotions makes the pictures alive. You will find your own different meaning in her pictures.

Wojciech Toast

Wojciech Toast Picture

Dark Dead Wojciech Toast

Wojciech Toast from Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland is an awesome photographer and surreal artist. His passion for digital art can be seen in these pictures. He developed some very powerful and meaningful digital surreal photographs.

Some More Surreal Art Picture

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We are here with some of the most hilarious english language errors that will make you laugh. Enjoy the language of these great peoples. All of this is collected from various sources on the internet.

1. An employee applied for leave.

"Since I have to go to my village to sell my land along with my wife, please give me one-week leave."

2. A Job application from a non-english speaking country.

"This has reference to your advertisement calling for a ' Typist and an Accountant — Male or Female'..... As I am both (?"?" ) for the past several years and I can handle both with good experience, I am applying for the post."

3. Another man's great language power.
"Dear Sir: with reference to the above, please refer to my below..."

4. Laundry, India.

"Lady's, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time."
Funny English Tourist Board

5. From H.A.L. Administration Dept.

"As my mother-in-law has expired and I am only one responsible for it, please grant me 10 days leave."

6. Hotel, Russia.
"Women's are requested not to have childrens in bar."

7. An extraordinary leave letter.
"I am suffering from fever, please declare one-day holiday." 

8. Application for leave.
"My wife is suffering from sickness and as I am her only husband at home I may be granted leave". 

9. Hilarious Letter writing.
"I am well here and hope you are also in the same well." 

10. Most Awesome Covering note.
"I am enclosed herewith..." 

11. A Restaurant in India.
Open seven days a week, And weekends too.

12. Restaurant menu, Germany.
Our food leaves you nothing to hope for.

13. Tribute to the Professors.
  • Open the doors of the window. Let the Air Force come in.
  • Shhh...Quiet, boys...the principal just passed away in the corridor.
  • Shhh... quite, the principal is rotating in the school.
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Ahmad Faraz  being born on Jan 12 — 1931 in Kohat,  is one most popular urdu poets in our history. His real name was Syed Ahmad Shah and he used "faraz' as his pen name. During his progressive years as a poet he considered Faiz Ahmad Faiz as his role model. Beside being a poet, Ahmad Faraz was also a lecturer. Ahmad Faraz Shayari has been translated into languages like english, spanish, russian and french. He says that he only writes when he is foreced to write from inside. He has a written a very famous reply to one of Mirza Ghalib shayari.

Zahid sharaab peeney de masjid mein baith kar,
Ya woh jagha bata jahan Khuda nahin ...!
{Mirza Ghalib}

Masjid khuda ka ghar hai, peneey ki jagha nahi,
Kaafir ke dil mein jaa, Wahan Khuda nahi ...!
{Allama Iqbal}

Kaafir ke dil se aaya hun mein ye dekh kar,
Khuda maujood hai wahan, Par usay pata nahin ...!
{Ahmad Faraz}

Ahmad Faraz died on Aug 25, 2008 due to kidney failure. Most of his shayari's are love shayari. We will here read some of the best Ahmad Faraz Shayari.

Ahmad Faraz Picture
Ahmad Faraz

Best 2 lines Shayari Collection

Kuchh Muhabbat Ka Nashaa Tha Pehlay Hum Ko Faraz,
Dill Jo Tota To Nashey Se Muhabbat Ho Gai ...!

Woh rooz dekhtey hai dubtay hua suraj ko Faraz,
Kaash main bhi kisi shaam ka manzar hota ...!

Shayad khushii ka daur bhi aa jaaye ek din Faraz,
Gham bhi to mil gaye thay tamanna kiye baghair ...!

Ab maayoos qyo ho us ki bewafaii pe Faraz?
Tum khud hi to kehtay thay ki wo sab se juda hai ...!

Kisi ki Kya majaal thi jo koi Hum ko khareed Sakta",,,
Hum to khud hi Bikk gaye kharidaar dekh kay ...!

Is Dafaa Barishain Rukti Hi Nahe Faraz,
Hum Ne Aansu Kya Piye Sara Mausam Ro Para ...!    

Mere lafzoon ki pehchaan agar kar leta wo Faraz,
Usay mujse nahi khud se muhabbat ho jati ...!

In Barishoon Se Doosti acchi nahi Faraz,
Kaccha Tera Maqaan Hai Kucch To Khayal Kar ...!

Kaun deta hai umar bhar ka sahara aye Faraz,
Log to Janaazay main bhi kandhay badaltay rahtay hain ...!

Sochaa tha ki woh bohat toot kar chahay ga humey Faraz,
Lekin chaha bhi hum ne aur tootey bhi hum ...!

Yaheey soch kar us ki har baat ko sach mana hai Faraz,
Ki itnay khubsoorat Lub jhoot kaisay bolain gay ...!

Merey jazbaat se waqif hai mera qalam Faraz,
Main pyar likhon to tera naam likh jata hai ...!

Long Ahmad Faraz Shayari

'Faraz' ab koi sauda koi junoon bhi nahin
Magar qaraar se din katt rahey hon yun bhi nahin

Lab-o-dahan bhi mila gufta-gu ka fan bhi mila
Magar jo dil pe guzarti hai kah sukoon bhi nahin

Meri zubaan ki luknat se badgumaan na ho
Jo tu kahe to tujhe umr bhar milun bhi nahin

'Faraz' jaise koi diya turbat-e-havaa chahe hai
Tu paas aaye to mumkin hai main rahun bhi nahin ...!
{ dahan = mouth, gufta-gu = conversation, fan = skill,
luknat = stammering, badgumaan = suspicious, turbat = tomb }

Kuch na kisi se bolenge
tanhaai mein ro lenge

Hum berahbaron ka kya
saath kisi ke ho lenge

Khud to huey rusvaa lekin
terey bhed na kholenge

Jevan zahar bhara saagar
kab tak amrit gholenge

Nind to kya Aayegi 'Faraz'
maut aaey to so lenge ...!
{ berahbaron=pathless travellers }

Ab naye saal ki mohlat nahin milney vaali
Aa chukey ab to shab-o-roz azaabon vaaley

Ab to sab dashnaa-o-Khanjar ki zubaan bolatey hain
Ab kahan log muhabbat ke nisaabo vaaley

Zinda rahney ki tamanna ho to ho jaate hain
Faakhton ke bhi kirdaar uqaabon vaaley

Na mere zakhm khiley hain na tera rang-e-hina
Mausam aaye hi nahin ab ke gulaabon vaaley ...!
{ mohlat=time, shab-o-roz=night & day, azaab=misfortune, dashnaa=dagger }

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Tallest building in India are mainly in the commercial capital Mumbai — a city of central west India. Here' the top 10 building's list.

                         1 . Imperial Tower 
Imperial Tower Building

Type : Residential condominiums
Location : M P Mills Compound Tardeo, Mumbai, India
Construction started : 2005
Completed : 2010
Height : 254 m (833 ft)
Floor count : 60
Floor area : 2 x 120,000 m2 (1,300,000 sq ft)
Elevator count : 8
Owner : S D Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
Imperial Tower is the tallest building in india with 60 floors.

                        2 . Lodha Bellissimo
Lodha Bellissimo Mumbai

Type : Residential Apartments
Location : Mumbai, India
Construction started : 2005
Estimated completion : 2011
Height : 197 m (646 ft)
Floor count : 48

                       3 . Ashok Towers 
Ashok Towers Mumbai

Location : Mumbai
Height : 193 metres (633ft)
Floor Count : 49
Constructed : 2009
                            4 . Planet Godrej
Planet Godrej

Type : Residential Apartments
Location : Mumbai, India
Construction started : 2004
Completed : 2006
Height : 181 m (594 ft)
Floor count : 51
Elevator count :15
Owner : Godrej Properties 

                         5 . RNA Mirage 
RNA Mirage

Location : Mumbai
Height :180 metres (591 ft)
Floor Count : 40
Constructed : 2009

                          6 . Raheja Legend 
Raheja Legend

Location : Mumbai
Floor Count : 40
Constructed : 2009

                            7 . Antilia
Antilia Ambani Home

Type : Personal Residential
Location : Altamont Road, South Mumbai
Construction started : 2007
Completed : 2010
Height : 173 metres (568 ft)
Floor count : 27 (equivalent to 60 floors tower)
Owner : Mukesh Ambani

                          8 . Vasant Grandeur 
Vasant Grandeur

Location : Mumbai
Height : 172 metres (564 ft)
Floor Count : 38
Constructed : 2009

                       9 . Oberoi Woods Tower
Oberoi Woods Tower

Location : Mumbai
Height :170 metres (558 ft)
Floor Count : 40
Constructed : 2009

                         10 . Raheja Atlantis
Raheja Atlantis

Location : Mumbai
Floor Count : 40
Constructed : 2009
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The fear of ghosts has always been the part of human history. It has it's impact on people even in this modern era. Here's the list of ghost places found in one of the most diverse country, India.

1 . Bhangarh — Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

In 17th century, Madho Singh built his capital in bhangarh with the sanction of an ascetic Baba Balanath, who used to meditate on that place. He predicted that : "Look my dear chap! The moment the shadow of your palace touches me, you are undone. The city shall be no more!" In ignorance he raised the top of that palace to a height that the shadow reached the Baba Balanath's place.
After this, all the town inhabitants died and the prediction — that none of the houses would have roofs over them became true. You can see that none of the ancient houses had roofs other than the temples. People say that nobody returned who stayed there after dark.

Bhangarh Rajasthan haunted

Near all ancient monuments in India there is an office of Archaeology Survey of India but even Government authorities have not opened an office near it due to the ghost place and their office is about one kilometer away from the ruins of Bhangarh. And the sign board says "Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area."

2 . Ramoji Film City Ghost Place — Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

People say that the film city is built on war grounds of the Nizam sultans and so the ghost of nizams haunts the hotel rooms. The food that is left in the rooms gets scattered and strange marks are left upon the mirror in some urdu like script. Women are more troubled by the ghosts of dead soldiers more than the mens. They trouble the girls even more, they tear their clothes, knock on the bathroom doors while the outside doors are locked.

3 . Hotel Savoy — Mussoorie

Hotel Savoy Ghoast Place Mussoorie

During the rule of Britishers, a Lady named Orme was poisoned and died there, so she is still seen roaming in the corridors of the hotel.

News Reported by AajTak :
"Several people have been killed in Mussoorie's Hotel Savoy and it is believed that the hotel is haunted. However, the locals there believe that some super natural power is behind this"

4 . Civil Lines Ghost — Kanpur

Civil Lines Ghoast Kanpur

There is a graveyard of British Millitants in Civil Lines area of  kanpur where a Sarkata (a hindi word for someone who don't have a head) lives. It is seen by many people in Civil Lines area drinking water from tap near by mostly at nights. It is very difficult to enter in the graveyard at night as one will be scared by its wierd sounds.

5 . Tunnel 103 — Shimla Kalka Railway Line

Tunnel 103 Shimla Kalka Railway Line

A tunnel is said to have the ghost of a British sahib in Shimla Kalka Indian railway Line. The ghost in tunnel 103 is reported to talk back in full context with the humans beings. The tunnel which is 140 yards long itself looks quite a scary place.

6 . Lohaghat — Uttarakhand 

Ghoast Place In India Lohaghat Uttarakhand

Lohaghat is a small town in the Champawat district. There is a very old bungalow there known as The Abbey which belonged to the person who founded the Lohaghat. Some some years, the Abbey was converted into a hospital which saw some strange happenings like that of a doctor who would predict people's death very accurately. He moved the patients to the place called Mukti Kothri and the very next morning they would be found dead. There was a quandary about whether he himself was killing the people or they were dying naturally.

7 . Dumas Beach — Gujarat

Gujrat Dumas Beach Picture

It is the place in Gujrat where hindu's burn their dead bodies. This area in india has been reported by many peoples a number of times for its ghostly atmosphere. People have experiences with hearing strange sounds on the beach. The area is said to be full of spirits of dead people.

8 . Shaniwar Wada Fort Ghost- Pune

Ghoastly Shaniwar Wada Fort Pune

When the peshwa's ruled western Indian province, Narayan the heir of the peshwa kingdom was assassinated on his uncle's wife’s orders. It is said that while running for his life across the fort, he called “Uncle save me”, and even today locals say that they hear his cries for help near midnights on new moon day.

9 . Taj Hotel — Mumbai

Taj Hotel Mumbai

This top Taj Hotel of India is said to be haunted by the ghost of it's own french architect W.A Chambers. He created the blueprints of the place and went on a trip to france in 1903. When he returned, he was very shocked to find that the hotel frontage had been made in the opposite direction and committed suicide. OMG ... how scary..

10 . Sanjay Van — New Delhi

Sanjay Van Ghoast New Delhi

Sanjay Van is a big ( around10 km ) forest area in new delhi whch is reported to be haunted. Many visitors have reported seeing a lady in the cremation ground dressed in a white saaree appearing and disappearing suddenly.
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This is a list of websites that offer free short message service. These are categorized according to your needs. Most of the free sms sites do not need any registration.

Unlmited Sms WebSite With 500 Characters

Bollywoodmotion Free Sms

Want to share thoughts with your friends and 160 characters are not enough. Here's the best service that allows 500 Characters Short Message Service. One more nice feature is that their is no ads or very minimum

Another cool site to send 440 characters long message. One added feature? You can send your SMS in any of the language.

Most Popular Sms Sites

way2sms picture

Way2sms and 160by2. These are the most trusted and most popular free sms sites which delivers your text almost instantly all around india. Their feature are too much to be listed here. Anyways, way2sms is the king of messaging in india. Visit 160by2 for more info about it.

Unlimited Text Message To Any Country

Sendsmsnow Picture

What if you have friends outside the country you are living. OK we have one good site for that too. You can send free sms to any country worldwide. Best feature of this website is that you will recieve your text message replies in your Inbox. What more ? Annn...  Check History of your sent messages.

Send Free MMS Without Registration

Free MMS Site

This is an awesome website to send unlimited Free MMS globally without any registration. They also offer you to send your audio video or picture to your mobile phone for free. You can also use their paid service for more features.

Attach your Image Audio or Video file with your text message ( SMS ) using this site and send it to any mobile number in india absolutely free. One feature that make it very special is that you can send message to 10 friends in one click. No kudos for guessing that this requires no registration.

Yahoo Messenger

Download the very best known Yahoo messenger to your desktop because it provides free Short Message Service in India. It allows you to send text messages directly from your messenger inbox. Say Thanks!
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