Innovative Indian Jugaad Pictures  

Jugaad is quite a common term in india used for developing an innovative work-around for solving a problem that needs more resources. Indian jugaad has now become part of mainstream discussions and seminars. You will often find innovative tricks and work-arounds in rural areas where there is a lack of resources. People making use of thrown objects and useless things to create a work-around for their benefit. While jugaad is quite popular in india but it is also used in many other countries with different names. The chinese call it Zizhu chuangnix and the people in brazil call it gambiarra. Prabhu's book "Jugaad Innovation- Think Frugal, Be Flexible" has been widely popular not only in india but also in countries like France and China. It has various example of low cost innovative ideas that solved major problems and many led to high earning stream.
We are here with some of the innovative jugaad pictures that forms the trademark of indian jugaad.

Jugaad With Cycle

Indian Jugaad With AC

Playing mobile game is a whole lot better now.

Playing Mobile Game With Plate

Yes. You can do that in India.

Indian Ipad

Cool Indian Jugaad With Motorcycle

Indian Jugaad With Motorcycle

Awesome Indian Shower

Auto Jugaad

The classic Indian Jugaad.

Indian Jugaad In Train

Cooler For Two Rooms

Mind Of Indian Villager

Basket Computer

Funny Indian Button

This isn't innovative. That's Hard Work.

Sharing The Electricity

Indian Tractor Jugaad

Making good use of waste energy. The cool coffee making jugaad.

Funny Coffee Making

Funny Jugaad With Baby

Creative Auto

Funny Juice Maker

Jugaad With Car

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Most Beautiful Indian Pictures  

India has always been known for it's cultural wealth and biodiversity. With so many different language, traditions and festivals, the beauty of India is quite captivating. It has witnessed invasion from many foreigners successively in the past which resulted in the making of a mixed culture. From the beautiful Indo-Islamic architecture to the Himalayan regions, from deserts in the north east to the ocean in the south, there is so much to be explored in India. It has always proved to be an inspiration for photographers and writers because of its cultural heritage. We have here some of the most beautiful and prideful indian pictures.

The Adorable India

Adorable Indian Fort

Captivating Indian Picture Of A Kid

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

The Colorful Indian Picture

Colorful Indian Picture

Going for fancy dress competition showing indian mixed culture.

Indian Mixed Culture Of Hindu Muslim

Kerala Runway

Kerala Runway

Even Indian elephants are colorful.

Indian Elephant

Colorful Indian Picture

Lovely India Picture

Lovely Indian Picture

Mixed Religion

Beautiful hills in india

Beautiful Hills In India

The happy old man

Happy Old Man


Indian Deserts

Elephant In Water

The Ghat Picture

Beautiful Ghat Picture

Beautiful women of india

Beautiful Women Of India

Indian Photo

Beauty of india

Beauty Of India

Cute indian kid

Cute Indian Kid With Umbrella

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Top Internet Millionaires In India  

Internet is the next big thing for business startups and enterpreneurs in India. With Indian online world expanding, opportunities are in excess. Let us know some people who took good advantage of these opportunities and become internet millionaires.

Ajit Balakrishnan
Founded -

Ajit Balakrishnan

Ajit is an IIM Calcutta Alumni who once dreamt to become a football player. He says that one day his father showed him a very poor man sitting outside his hut in a very bad condition. He told him that he was once a football player. Convinced that football wont be a good idea for him, he started involved in his studies. But he never wanted to become a doctor or an engineer. He says that when subjects like sociology and psychology were taught in his school, he was always very exited about it. His interests stretched and pushed him to create in 1996. The site was not an instant hit and it ran without any profit for three long years. The site got listed in NASDAQ in 2011. With time the site gained momentum and now it's among the world's top 100 websites.
Apart from being an successful internet millionaire, he is currently member of Advisory Board of Education of India, he has also served as the chairman of Government of India in the Ministry of Information Technology Working Group.

Bhavin and Divyank Turakhia
Founded - Directi

Turakhia Brothers Who Are Internet Millionaires

Bhavin Turakhia and Divyank Turakhia

The two brothers, Bhavin Turakhia (born 1979) and younger Divyank Turakhia started their web carrier with founding a Internet Web Hosting company Directi in 1998 with investment of 25 thousand rupees. In 2011, the company grew from 2 employees to 550 employees and it is now worth 350$ million dolloars with offices in major cities in India, China and UAE. Their startups are BigRock, Codechef, ResellerClub, LogicBoxes, and With so many successful startups and with a great business model, these two brothers are often termed as the best and the youngest Internet Entrepreneurs of India. In 2011, Bhavin Turakhia was named as the Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum.
As of 2012, around 10 million domains are hosted on LogicBoxes server and is known as the best data provider in web service Industry.

Kunal Bahl
Founded -

Kunal Bahl

After finishing his studies in 2006 from Wharton School, he started to work as a business development executive and then as a consultant for launching of a detergent product. This made him understand consumer psychology and behavior. At that time he found that the retail market in india is changing, the customers are becoming more and more complicated and the bargain thing is at high. He planned to launch a business of discount coupons in india with his friend Rohit Bansal, an alumnus of IIT Delhi. He says that the initial days were quite disappointing but then some retailers began to contact him and that boosted his confidence. With this Snapdeal was created in Feb 2010 which sucked at first. Kunal says that they made a lot of mistakes but the best part was that they learned from their mistakes and kept tracking their customers behavior and preferences. This kept them moving forward with their startup. With time Snapdeal began gaining visitors and buyers.

Sanjeev Bikhchandani
Founded -

Sanjeev Bikhchandani

Passed out from St. Stephen's College (University Of Delhi) with a B.A in Economics, Sanjeev Bikhchandani did his MBA from IIM Ahmadabad. Sanjeev quit his job of marketing Horlicks to setup Info Edge in 1990. Info Edge runs sites like,,,, and many more. being the most successful of all the startups, was the first internet company in india to be listed in the Indian Stock Exchange. It employs more than 2000 peoples and has revenue over 2500 million. He saw his colleagues always looking at the jobs section of Business India magazine, which triggered the formation of But before he did it on internet, he tried many methods like selling resumes on Cd's and making a offline job database.
Read the whole story on how he founded and how it become a hit.

Anupam Mittal
Founded -

Anupam Mittal of

Seeing a marriage broker who had a routine of going door to door to show people the right matches for marriage, Anupam Mittal thought that an internet web portal would do wonders in finding the right partner for marriage as it would be easier to have a larger database for selection than the traditional marriage broker have with them. He founded in 1996 and since then he never looked back. It is the world's largest matrimonial site which claims to have arranged more than 2 million marriages in india. With above 10 million members on the site, it's no surprise that has been voted as "Most Innovative Company In India" in 2011 by Fast Company. Anupam Mittal has a MBA degree from Boston College and this guy is included in Business Week's 50 Most Powerful People in India. He also has startups like, People Pictures and Mauj Mobile under his name.

Vss Mani
Founded -

Vss Mani

Unlike the other entrepreneur, Vss Mani was neither an IIT nor an IIM alumni. Belonging to a middle class family, he dropped his CA Studies to launch JustDial. The idea to start JustDial came in mani's mind when he was working in UDI (United database India) in 1987. He thought that if this database of valuable information could be made available through phone and through web, it will prove to be very helpful for users. Luckily, he came to know of the number 088 888 88 888, which he thought would be very easy to remember. After all this preparation, the company could still not be started because he did not had enough money to buy a telephone. Telephone connection at that time cost Rs 15,000. Oh yes, you heard it, fifteen thousand rupees. The company got started in 1996 and since then it's only marching forward. In 2007, he started online database portal which gave Justdial the wings to fly. Started with only six employees, as of 2013, it has more than seven thousand employees and a database of over 10 million information pieces. Starting with borrowed furniture and rented computers, Justdial's total revenue crossed 2 thousand million in 2012.

Satya Prabhakar
Founded -

Satya Prabhakar

An alumni of NIT Tiruchirapally, Satya Prabhakar growed his website from 2 employees to 1000 employees in very few years. Although being selected in all the four top IIM's, he went on to get a MS in Computer Science from University of Florida. Sulekha is local search platform that adds value to search with it's integrated services like blogs, reviews and answers. It is now the number one site in India for local search and business with more than 5 million connections and business transitions in a month.
In 1990s, he used to receive emails from members of his IIM alumni group who used to send articles written by them on anything they find interesting or worth sharing with the members of the group. Satya thought that he should integrate this idea from group members to public. He registered the site and started his journey to become an internet millionaire.

B.G Mahesh
Founded -

B.G Mahesh

After graduating from IIT, B.G Mahesh went on to do M.S. from University of Alabama. His first website was created because he had a tuff time finding a job due to the gulf war in the United States. became one of the most popular web portals in india and for this he is also given the credit for starting blogging in India. His company Greynium Information Technologies owns two very popular million dollar Indian websites, one is and other
In, Mahesh added everything he could, from wallpapers to jobs, from news to travel. Mahesh has been active in the web world since 1990s and that helped him easily dominate the Indian web space. He has been named 75th in powerful digital mavens of India list of 2012 by Impact magazine.
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Best Places To Download Hindi Songs For Free  

Music is something that is loved by all. In India, hindi songs are most popular. It has legends like Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, A.R Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar and its followers are in billions. With the popularity of internet, online listening and downloading songs has become quite popular. To let you download hindi songs there are hundreds of websites but not all are good. Popular songs are easy to find and download but downloading not so popular indian music is quite tuff. For this we have music search engines. Many of you are not familiar with it. Just like google, you enter the song words and  hit the search button. These search engines visits thousands of website database and finds the songs you want. Unlike typical songs listing by movies name, you can download any song by simply searching songs name. We will here list the best places you can visit to download hindi songs with ease.


Mp3skull search engine

A cool song search engine that lets you easily download your favorite hindi songs. Apart from easily finding and downloading your song, you can also play the song with mp3skull embedded music player. The search is quite fast and results are mostly accurate. There is a nice top downloads section on the homepage, where you can pick currently trending top songs. A must visit site for song lovers.


Songspk To Download Hindi Songs

It is one of the most popular site to download hindi songs. It has collection of songs of hindi movies from 1930s to present. This site is fastest to upload new songs and albums. So if you want to download newly released songs, this site is all you need. It has categorize such as bollywood, pakistani, pop and remix, ghazals and punjabi. Although banned in India with as its domain, it came back and again became popular with It has 1 billion+ facebook likes which speaks of it's popularity.


Most times when i fail to find and download any song, i visit beemp3s. It is a great search engine for finding mp3 music files to download. Although the process to download any music takes three clicks at beemp3s but it's database is better and larger then any other music search engine. So the chances of finding your song is better than any other site. You can also play the music before downloading it. It also has a mobile site for downloading your favorite hindi songs on mobile.

It is a great place for music lovers. The songs here are categorized by movie names, artists name and by albums. It also includes songs of special categories like punjabi bhangraa songs, ghazals, wedding songs, qawwallis, tamil and instrumental songs. To download hindi songs, just click on the movie name and download the song you wish. It also gives you the option to download all the songs of any movie in one click.

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