I always believed that Atul Bakery will become Surat’s biggest bakery brand: Atul Vekariya


Surat:  Cake is an integral part of any celebration, but there are very few bakers, who can bake the best cake. Surat based Atul Bakery is known for its cakes and pastries. Very few people know that Atul Vekariya, Managing Director of Atul Bakery, once owned a pan shop.

Sensing that Surat needs a brand that can resonate with cakes and pastries, Atul Vekariya laid the foundation of Atul Bakery. Today, lakhs of Surtis celebrate the special moment with cake from Atul Bakery

“I owned a pan shop and later jumped into the restaurant business. During my stint as restauranter, I sensed that Surat doesn’t have a brand that is associated with cakes, pastries and other bakery products. After this, I launched Atul Bakery in January 2007,” says Atul Vekariya, who now produces 5 tons of bakery products daily.

Besides producing the best cakes, Atul Bakery is known for having the largest chain in the entire Gujarat. It has branches in the entire Gujarat and the network of the bakery is increasing day by day.

Vekariya adds,  “I always believed that one day Atul Bakery will become the biggest bakery brand in Surat. Since

day one, I worked hard to achieve this dream and today, I can say that Atul Bakery has set a new milestone in the bakery business. We are the only bakery that has pan Gujarat presence. We have 120 plus branches in Gujarat.”

So how has Atul Bakery achieved such a grand success?

“We always do research and micro-analysis of our business module. Our sole objective is to give something new to the customers. Since 2007, Atul Bakery has managed to do this and even today, we constantly work to provide innovative products to the customers. Quality is the second most important part for Atul Bakery,” adds Vekariya.

Atul Vekariya says that success of a company is based on the investment made on its employees. Atul Bakery  firmly believes that a good employee always pays back to his/her employer and company.

“Atul Bakery‘s main strength is its employees, who constantly work hard to give something new to the customers. We always work as a team, which gives us strength to achieve desired results. We as a team of Atul Bakery is clear in its vision and future plans,” Vekariya further adds.

Speaking about future goals, Atul Vekariya said that he plans to make Atul Bakery a global brand having outlets and franchisee in the entire world. At present, Atul Bakery has presence in 9 countries.” By 2030, we want to have branches in at least 90 countries. We are working for it. Our short term goal is to develop Atul Bakery’s branches in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. We will also expand our presence in other parts of Gujarat,” adds Vekariya.