Amazing Surreal Art Pictures  

Pictures of some of the best digital surreal artists around the world. Surrealist works feature the elements of surprise, fantasy and amazing art work.

Suliman AL-Mawash

Suliman AL-Mawash Surreal Picture

Camel Sea By Suliman AL-Mawash

Suliman AL-Mawash Photo Manupulation

Suliman AL Mawash Surreal Old Man

Elephant By Suliman AL Mawash

Graphic designer from Kuwait, Suliman AL-Mawash is one best surreal artist in the world. He uses Photoshop for his designs. He won many awards for his exceptional talent including - gold medal in the Cairo Film Festival atheist ten of Radio and Television and Gold medal in the Gulf Film Festival in Bahrain.

Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov Digital Art

Surreal Picture By Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov Picture

Born in Bratsk, Russia Anton Semenov started graphics designing in 2007. He says he started drawing at a very early age. He has studied design for 4 years. Uses Photoshop CS for his surreal artwork that brings his imaginations into digital form. He tells that "the world around us is full of inspirational things, too bad we sometimes fail to see that". He usually creates disturbing surreal art pictures in his very unique style. His creations are more like your bad dream came to picture.

Sarolta Ban

Sarolta Ban Artwork

Sarolta Ban Surreal Picture

Sea Artwork Picture

Saolta Ban Photoshop Picture

Belongs to Hungary, Saolta Ban makes her artwork and pictures talk. The surreal art she creates uses very simple technique's but her imagination and emotions makes the pictures alive. You will find your own different meaning in her pictures.

Wojciech Toast

Wojciech Toast Picture

Dark Dead Wojciech Toast

Wojciech Toast from Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland is an awesome photographer and surreal artist. His passion for digital art can be seen in these pictures. He developed some very powerful and meaningful digital surreal photographs.

Some More Surreal Art Picture

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