Innovative Indian Jugaad Pictures  

Jugaad is quite a common term in india used for developing an innovative work-around for solving a problem that needs more resources. Indian jugaad has now become part of mainstream discussions and seminars. You will often find innovative tricks and work-arounds in rural areas where there is a lack of resources. People making use of thrown objects and useless things to create a work-around for their benefit. While jugaad is quite popular in india but it is also used in many other countries with different names. The chinese call it Zizhu chuangnix and the people in brazil call it gambiarra. Prabhu's book "Jugaad Innovation- Think Frugal, Be Flexible" has been widely popular not only in india but also in countries like France and China. It has various example of low cost innovative ideas that solved major problems and many led to high earning stream.
We are here with some of the innovative jugaad pictures that forms the trademark of indian jugaad.

Jugaad With Cycle

Indian Jugaad With AC

Playing mobile game is a whole lot better now.

Playing Mobile Game With Plate

Yes. You can do that in India.

Indian Ipad

Cool Indian Jugaad With Motorcycle

Indian Jugaad With Motorcycle

Awesome Indian Shower

Auto Jugaad

The classic Indian Jugaad.

Indian Jugaad In Train

Cooler For Two Rooms

Mind Of Indian Villager

Basket Computer

Funny Indian Button

This isn't innovative. That's Hard Work.

Sharing The Electricity

Indian Tractor Jugaad

Making good use of waste energy. The cool coffee making jugaad.

Funny Coffee Making

Funny Jugaad With Baby

Creative Auto

Funny Juice Maker

Jugaad With Car

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Chloe Champ  



What's up with the one with the baby???!!!


The one with the baby tied down. Horrifying.

Daniel Henn  

Yes, it is kind of horrifying, but I guess the funny part is that there is a pipe going from the baby's "little man" to a bucket outside of the bed. So the baby won't pee in it's bed.


This is great! I hope that you are Continue the good work. Thanks for your sharing …..
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Smitha Sharma  

thanks for sharing the useful article very helpful..

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Br Agario  

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Jasmine Thompson  

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Palaniappan Rajaram  

Seriously question the one with 5+ adults on an unbalanced carrier on the back of a motorcycle. The useful payload of a motorcycle similar to shown here cannot accommodate 5+ grown adults.

Also, the one with a guy walking a bicycle with a large load of bricks....baloney!

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