Meaning Of Babaji Ka Thullu And Jokes  

Babaji Ka Thullu has become quite a popular slang word. The term Babaji ka Thullu is coined by Kapil Sharma in his famous show Comedy Nights With Kapil. Whenever he uses this term in his comedy show, no one could stop himself from laughing. Kapil uses it with a comical sign of a snake which makes it even more hilarious. So, what actually does Babaji Ka Thullu mean? And from where does it came from?

Babaji Ka Thullu By Kapil
Babaji Ka Thullu
Well, the word Babaji Ka Thullu actually means 'nothing'. A nothing in a comical sense. To define it - It is like you worked hard for something and you got nothing in the end. Babaji means an old man or a saint and thullu has no meaning. Actually, Kapil used a popular hindi vulgar slang, Babaji Ka Ghanta, and because he could not use it on television show, he changed it to Babaji Ka Thullu, which sounds even more comic.

Babaji Ka Thullu With Kapil

Read these Babaji Ka Thullu amazing Jokes

Aam Aadmee Mehnat Sey Paisey Kamaata Hai.... Tax Payy Kartaa Hai.... Vote Kartaa Hai.... Uskoo Kya Miltaa Hai? BABAJI KA THULLU

Bachaa Engineering College Join Kartaa Hai.... Soochtaa Hai Key Wo Mazzey Karegaa.... Ladkiyaa Patayegaa.... Ussey Kya Milta Hai? BABA JI KA THULLU

Babaji Ka Thullu In College

Mainey Itney Mehnat Sey Page Banayaa.... Likes Laaye.... Update Kiya.... Parr Mujhey Kya Mila? BABAJI KA THULLU

Babaji Ka Thullu Girlfriend

Another Joke -
A Girlfriend to her Boyfriend - Please, tell me what is 'Babaji Ka Thullu' ?
Boyfriend - O.K., answer my question, first?
I spent a lot of money for your shopping but what have you given me ?
Girlfriend - Nothing !!
Boyfriend - That's what i got, " Babaji Ka Thullu ".

Babaji Ka Thullu Song by Comedy Nights With Kapil

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